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hmmm no liners on this…ppl are possesive about ppl …smtimes bein possesive can kinov take the freedom of the other person…however if we are possesive n let the person be herself/himself…u still feel possesive..but this possesiveness is termed as …love..wher u love the person or relate to the person for wht they are and not for what they can b ….wht happens here is simple…u still are possesive …but u r possisve of the person who is himself/herself..n if u see tht person tryin not to be himself/herself u start gettin possesive…this is a kinov feel wich makes u feel kinov go pull tht person evn in the middle of the street holding handz..pullin into u r arms…lock thm into u r arms hold thm the closest you can n tell thm just b wht u are…be with me forever ….itz not abt dont change..but itz about be yourself…coz in such a person you know itz not a change that you would ever see…but itz smthin related to bein surfacially smthin else…you can feel the deepest thots…but their surfacial thots start confusin your surfacial thots…n you endup talkin surfacial talks…but the deepest thots n talks…they happen…coz ther therz a different possesiveness..therz itz not holdin it as yours itz yourself..ther there is no seperation ther itz you inside you…ther itz smthin like you know…the true self respect ..ther it is the gr8 ego of the soul..thtz the self respect at soul level….just like self respect at mind level and surface thot level would result in an ego wich is termed so and not really helpful to anyone..n make the person think against the deep thots….howeever self respect at the deep level at soul level is also ego same name…might not be seen by others might be seen in any form by others..but this ego is the healthy one like the self confidence one….so EGO n possesiveness….how closely they are interlinked…and how easily misunderstood.n how easily can be surfacial n deep …n smtimes..ppl look at the surfacial ego or possesiveness n feel thtz the deep one n sm ppl who see the deep one think itz da surfacial one….sm pl dont know whtz surfacial n watz deep ppl dont bother sm ppl sit think draw lines of thots on it….but overall….possesive n ego …dont go by words dont go by menaing that u think it might hold…both deep and surface ones..go ahed go ahed think think n check watz what….persuit of find the truth will hold on to it like to a cliff or hang into itz will fear nothin …all you will know is the truth….the truth my truth..:)


Happiness – a gentle touch from the hands of love

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on June 22, 2009 by agnosticstallion
  • Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.
  • Ther is an “I” in happIness and not a Y
  • Happiness can be of 2 types…good n whatz not good but u still are happy about it….fine line again b/w both

Happiness is no perception…but u r perception can lead to happiness…coz happiness is real!!! by u r perception u  can loose it or build it ….or dont have any perception that will create another level of hapiness .. thatz by not askin “Y” n changing happiness…be happy n then u get happ”I”ness… k now when sm1 asks you to define happiness eht would you say ??? i know we can define moments when we felt it..but tht feelin is not wordly or not worldly..itz extacy….hmmm anywayz…but for me happiness is in smallest of smallest things..a hello frm the heart of the heart that you care for, as.a kid on the road…a smile from a begger  whoz given smthin without him/her askin… a kid playin in water … a swt lil kid bein carried by itz mom n the stare it gives when you stare at it…the rain sprinkle on the face..every small thing…however big tihngs also make me happy …but for me i dont know what more happy or less happy? how can we be more happy and less happy thn when itz happiness either we r lieing abt it..coz all things should make you happy…n happy is happy happier or happiest…just happy…it is the same feel tht anythin u feel happy abt should giv u …a hearty laugh is short lived or on some one ….but a smile can be frozen…if you realize…evn a person whoz dead can hav a smile frozen on him….but not a laugh…so the happiness thtz permenent is in a smile….happiness is a gentle touch from the hands of love


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  • When you accept the responsibility for all of it, then you can achieve the power to change a part of it.
  • It is much easier to change what you are doing than making the other change what they are doing.  The first step towards changing anything is to accept that you have chosen it to be what it is seek then to create a change not because it is wrong but because it no longer makes an accurate statement of who you are.
  • When everything changes, Change everything.

Well changes n me are kinov complex….my thinkin abt changes….Well every situation forces you to change….no doubt..but wht defines you is how you are stable..holding to you core values with clarity and no confusions and not a second thot’ .Circumstances are grounds for you to understand yourself better. However we can not live in a jungle…so we need to adapt to changes….but tht does not mean changing of core values…wont talk much on changes…but one has to define and beleive in core values wich define the person not to the stupid world…but therz smthin in side wich defines the person to himself/herself…when you define yourself to yourself thn you really dont need to define yourself to others neither do you care neither do you feel insecure ..thatz the meaning of  “I DONT CARE”  the same line can also be used otherwise by someone who just wants to define to others and not oneself…hmmm not wrong or right judgments..coz not caring about ppl who you care about is smthin ppl being cared should not be cared about…coz ppl being cared if they beleiv that the care they get is true n if that beleif is a core value..then they DONT CARE …re read that…might pickup…might strike..

ALL in ALL – adapt to changes…dont change your core values..WHO ARE YOU IF YOU CHANGE YOUR CORE VALUES???

FEAR????Survival of the fittest????

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on June 16, 2009 by agnosticstallion
  • All human actions are based on either love or fear – they are the roots of all emotions.
  • The moment you pledge your highest love, you greet fear. The first thing you expect after you say I love you is to hear it back and if you do, you’ll worry if u’ll loose it and all actions become a reaction. If you know who you are and have a clear thought, don’t FEAR
  • Fear is an energy which contracts, closes down, ruins, hides, hoards, harms. Fear clings and clutches all that we have and love gives all that we have away. Fear holds close and love holds dear. Fear grasps and love lets go. Fear rankles love soothes. Fear attacks and love amends.
  • You have been taught Survival of the fittest so you fear it and try to be the fittest and if you see yourself as anything less, you fear to loose coz you have been taught that it is less to loose

fear???? why watz that now…nothin much..opposite of love…think about it …u dont like smthin…the other word u use is hate which the world thinks is opposite of love..but….what you fear is what you dont love..isnt that logical…seriously…think …letz say you dont like a dish…you go to a party , you fear if thatz gonna b served..u are comfortable if itz not served you get out of the fear…in case they serve you start hatin it ..hatin the host..not tht they did it intentionally but u start to develop smthin deep inside…now now now how silly is that…but still isnt tht the fact…cant do much ..instincts…but you can still stp being silly…w/e..tht was like a simple thing..but put it on to bigger tingz in life you will easily understand and you dont have a chance to be silly anymore ….so STOP BEING SILLY…no fear is not for stickering your car itz for you to follow..well loads n loads more to talk about fear coz i once was afraid of tihngs….I have felt FEAR at times…..i still do but not alwayz..not for everythin..I LOVE life n Love death …contradiction might sound like..but not..coz therz no fine line b/w life n death…no therz not am serious…start living like you are ready to die..die like you have lived forever n lived every every moment die every moment…now doesnt tht get confusing??? when do you get confused?? when therz no fine line …so dont you think therz no fine line b.w life n death I LOVE BOTH LIFE and DEATH..dont FEAR to live dont FEAR to die ……

experience – why?? what??watz the experience of lyin on da lap of your loved one and takin your last breath ???

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  • Value the experience and words, don’t discard any of these when the other contradicts
  • When inward experience has revealed the grandest, outward observation is not necessary and if outward observation is necessary, inward experience is not possible
  • Life exists as a tool of your own creation and all its events merely present themselves as opportunities for you to decide and be who you are

well well well for me i feel the abv points are strong..wht i feel is tht one should be clear at mind…clear at level of the soul..coz i c an existance of a soul and mind…u r mind can change with moods and your thots can change with the change of mind..letz accept..itz not easy to have control over the mind in reality…we try our best but yet…but we can get there by puttin the mind in control of the soul…just like any other reforms, this would intially leas to a lot of rebelling from the mind…can even get you to feel smthin wich you cant feel …the world around you might b “your world” or just the world starts thinkin you are mad…hmmm well madness again can be a perception..evn your mind can start to percive that you are mad ..this is just the rebellious mind….dont let it wonder…dont become moody…evn if you are if your mind is under your souls supervision…ther you got it…SOUL???? whatz this soul all about??? nothin spirtual actually…itz the power in you it can be positive negetive w/e…but you actually have to spend some energy to gain that power in you….to define yourself…in terms…letz say you start a new business, do you think you find everythin in place on the day 1…??  but you can plan for day 1 and make sure you achive that…but still everything is not in place…starting to understand yourself is the key..question yourself. redicule yourself when you are not being yourself….but never redicule yourself when you have that feel inside you that say “no matter what i know this is right” stop fearing of the outcome…for once stop fearing the outcome….you being letting your soul be wht it wants to be…thtz all that matters….

sum it all – ” YOU can CREATE YOURSELF if you think you are DESTROYING yourself…you still are creating yourself as a destroyed being…” ” DEfine yourself.. but yourself…well again i say itz not overnight …itz a long period..might be some one whome you love the most wont understand you but you know what…might be will only understand when you are on their lap taking final breaths..might be not even then..might be after your soul goes out..for all you know might be after it really goes out of your body coz if you observe people are missed the most after they die..”

things i can think of…

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  • The great secret of true success, of true happiness, then, is this: the man, who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish man, is the most successful.
  • I stopped thinking the way other people think a long time ago, you gotta think like you think..It doesn’t matter how this looks to other people, it matters how it looks to you. If this is something you gotta do, then you do it.
  • There is no Y in happiness it is I
  • Don’t care for the outcome i.e. the ultimate outcome coz the ultimate outcome is always assured and if you doubt the ultimate outcome, it creates your greatest enemy FEAR
  • All human actions are based on either love or fear