experience – why?? what??watz the experience of lyin on da lap of your loved one and takin your last breath ???

  • Value the experience and words, don’t discard any of these when the other contradicts
  • When inward experience has revealed the grandest, outward observation is not necessary and if outward observation is necessary, inward experience is not possible
  • Life exists as a tool of your own creation and all its events merely present themselves as opportunities for you to decide and be who you are

well well well for me i feel the abv points are strong..wht i feel is tht one should be clear at mind…clear at level of the soul..coz i c an existance of a soul and mind…u r mind can change with moods and your thots can change with the change of mind..letz accept..itz not easy to have control over the mind in reality…we try our best but yet…but we can get there by puttin the mind in control of the soul…just like any other reforms, this would intially leas to a lot of rebelling from the mind…can even get you to feel smthin wich you cant feel …the world around you might b “your world” or just the world starts thinkin you are mad…hmmm well madness again can be a perception..evn your mind can start to percive that you are mad ..this is just the rebellious mind….dont let it wonder…dont become moody…evn if you are silent..in if your mind is under your souls supervision…ther you got it…SOUL???? whatz this soul all about??? nothin spirtual actually…itz the power in you it can be positive negetive w/e…but you actually have to spend some energy to gain that power in you….to define yourself…in terms…letz say you start a new business, do you think you find everythin in place on the day 1…??  but you can plan for day 1 and make sure you achive that…but still everything is not in place…starting to understand yourself is the key..question yourself. redicule yourself when you are not being yourself….but never redicule yourself when you have that feel inside you that say “no matter what i know this is right” stop fearing of the outcome…for once stop fearing the outcome….you being yourslelf..you letting your soul be wht it wants to be…thtz all that matters….

sum it all – ” YOU can CREATE YOURSELF if you think you are DESTROYING yourself…you still are creating yourself as a destroyed being…” ” DEfine yourself.. but yourself…well again i say itz not overnight …itz a long period..might be some one whome you love the most wont understand you but you know what…might be will only understand when you are on their lap taking final breaths..might be not even then..might be after your soul goes out..for all you know might be after it really goes out of your body coz if you observe people are missed the most after they die..”


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