FEAR????Survival of the fittest????

  • All human actions are based on either love or fear – they are the roots of all emotions.
  • The moment you pledge your highest love, you greet fear. The first thing you expect after you say I love you is to hear it back and if you do, you’ll worry if u’ll loose it and all actions become a reaction. If you know who you are and have a clear thought, don’t FEAR
  • Fear is an energy which contracts, closes down, ruins, hides, hoards, harms. Fear clings and clutches all that we have and love gives all that we have away. Fear holds close and love holds dear. Fear grasps and love lets go. Fear rankles love soothes. Fear attacks and love amends.
  • You have been taught Survival of the fittest so you fear it and try to be the fittest and if you see yourself as anything less, you fear to loose coz you have been taught that it is less to loose

fear???? why watz that now…nothin much..opposite of love…think about it …u dont like smthin…the other word u use is hate which the world thinks is opposite of love..but….what you fear is what you dont love..isnt that logical…seriously…think …letz say you dont like a dish…you go to a party , you fear if thatz gonna b served..u are comfortable if itz not served ..so you get out of the fear…in case they serve you start hatin it ..hatin the host..not tht they did it intentionally but u start to develop smthin deep inside…now now now how silly is that…but still isnt tht the fact…cant do much ..instincts…but you can still stp being silly…w/e..tht was like a simple thing..but put it on to bigger tingz in life you will easily understand and you dont have a chance to be silly anymore ….so STOP BEING SILLY…no fear is not for stickering your car itz for you to follow..well loads n loads more to talk about fear coz i once was afraid of tihngs….I have felt FEAR at times…..i still do but not alwayz..not for everythin..I LOVE life n Love death …contradiction might sound like..but not..coz therz no fine line b/w life n death…no therz not am serious…start living like you are ready to die..die like you have lived forever n lived every moment..live every moment die every moment…now doesnt tht get confusing??? when do you get confused?? when therz no fine line …so dont you think therz no fine line b.w life n death ..so I LOVE BOTH LIFE and DEATH..dont FEAR to live dont FEAR to die ……


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