• When you accept the responsibility for all of it, then you can achieve the power to change a part of it.
  • It is much easier to change what you are doing than making the other change what they are doing.  The first step towards changing anything is to accept that you have chosen it to be what it is seek then to create a change not because it is wrong but because it no longer makes an accurate statement of who you are.
  • When everything changes, Change everything.

Well changes n me are kinov complex….my thinkin abt changes….Well every situation forces you to change….no doubt..but wht defines you is how you are stable..holding to you core values with clarity and no confusions and not a second thot’ .Circumstances are grounds for you to understand yourself better. However we can not live in a jungle…so we need to adapt to changes….but tht does not mean changing of core values…wont talk much on changes…but one has to define and beleive in core values wich define the person not to the stupid world…but therz smthin in side wich defines the person to himself/herself…when you define yourself to yourself thn you really dont need to define yourself to others neither do you care neither do you feel insecure ..thatz the meaning of  “I DONT CARE”  the same line can also be used otherwise by someone who just wants to define to others and not oneself…hmmm not wrong or right judgments..coz not caring about ppl who you care about is smthin ppl being cared should not be cared about…coz ppl being cared if they beleiv that the care they get is true n if that beleif is a core value..then they DONT CARE …re read that…might pickup…might strike..

ALL in ALL – adapt to changes…dont change your core values..WHO ARE YOU IF YOU CHANGE YOUR CORE VALUES???


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