Happiness – a gentle touch from the hands of love

  • Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.
  • Ther is an “I” in happIness and not a Y
  • Happiness can be of 2 types…good n whatz not good but u still are happy about it….fine line again b/w both

Happiness is no perception…but u r perception can lead to happiness…coz happiness is real!!! by u r perception u  can loose it or build it ….or dont have any perception that will create another level of hapiness .. thatz by not askin “Y” n changing happiness…be happy n then u get happ”I”ness… k now when sm1 asks you to define happiness eht would you say ??? i know we can define moments when we felt it..but tht feelin is not wordly or not worldly..itz extacy….hmmm anywayz…but for me happiness is in smallest of smallest things..a hello frm the heart of the heart that you care for, as.a kid on the road…a smile from a begger  whoz given smthin without him/her askin… a kid playin in water … a swt lil kid bein carried by itz mom n the stare it gives when you stare at it…the rain sprinkle on the face..every small thing…however big tihngs also make me happy …but for me i dont know what more happy or less happy? how can we be more happy and less happy thn when itz happiness either we r lieing abt it..coz all things should make you happy…n happy is happy ..no happier or happiest…just happy…it is the same feel tht anythin u feel happy abt should giv u …a hearty laugh is short lived or on some one ….but a smile can be frozen…if you realize…evn a person whoz dead can hav a smile frozen on him….but not a laugh…so the happiness thtz permenent is in a smile….happiness is a gentle touch from the hands of love


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