hmmm no liners on this…ppl are possesive about ppl …smtimes bein possesive can kinov take the freedom of the other person…however if we are possesive n let the person be herself/himself…u still feel possesive..but this possesiveness is termed as …love..wher u love the person or relate to the person for wht they are and not for what they can b ….wht happens here is simple…u still are possesive …but u r possisve of the person who is himself/herself..n if u see tht person tryin not to be himself/herself u start gettin possesive…this is a kinov feel wich makes u feel kinov go pull tht person evn in the middle of the street holding handz..pullin into u r arms…lock thm into u r arms hold thm the closest you can n tell thm just b wht u are…be with me forever ….itz not abt dont change..but itz about be yourself…coz in such a person you know itz not a change that you would ever see…but itz smthin related to bein surfacially smthin else…you can feel the deepest thots…but their surfacial thots start confusin your surfacial thots…n you endup talkin surfacial talks…but the deepest thots n talks…they happen…coz ther therz a different possesiveness..therz itz not holdin it as yours itz yourself..ther there is no seperation ther itz you inside you…ther itz smthin like you know…the true self respect ..ther it is the gr8 ego of the soul..thtz the self respect at soul level….just like self respect at mind level and surface thot level would result in an ego wich is termed so and not really helpful to anyone..n make the person think against the deep thots….howeever self respect at the deep level at soul level is also ego same name…might not be seen by others might be seen in any form by others..but this ego is the healthy one like the self confidence one….so EGO n possesiveness….how closely they are interlinked…and how easily misunderstood.n how easily can be surfacial n deep …n smtimes..ppl look at the surfacial ego or possesiveness n feel thtz the deep one n sm ppl who see the deep one think itz da surfacial one….sm pl dont know whtz surfacial n watz deep ..sm ppl dont bother sm ppl sit think draw lines of thots on it….but overall….possesive n ego …dont go by words dont go by menaing that u think it might hold…both deep and surface ones..go ahed go ahed think think n check watz what….persuit of truth..you find the truth ..you will hold on to it like to a cliff or hang into itz snooze..you will fear nothin …all you will know is the truth….the truth my truth..:)


One Response to “possesive”

  1. amazing thing… absolutely true that people are possessive about people and we can find it at its peak when we are in love….. wonderfully written

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