life as a game….

life indeed is a game…
games are played with rules..rules are not for people to win or loose
but rules are just to define the game…coz rules are always same…

the game of life is fun if we play with knowing wht are the rules
coz thtz wht defines the game…our lives are our games so we make our rules.
Rules that we make is for us ….need not be for all coz every indvidual has his own game

but yes all are playing on a ground so might have to adapt to changes but still
dont stop playin with your rules if u stop or change your rules, then you are not living your life
or you are not playing your game……then you endup tellin smone is tryin to control your life…might go upto the level of God or fate or luck…you say God is controlling my life….you say itz luck ..itz al my fate…dont do that God, luck and fate are not things you havev to start blaming…itz you who did not define your rules…did God set rules to you..did fate say i will rule you? did luck say i will stay with you?? itz you who has to do it….

Play the game of life everyday….think tht itz a game over everynight…
play n have fun but live it with the same rules you defined yesterday…
rules are only when the game is almost over so think that everyday
therz a game over n live with the rules you set for yourself…..


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