Beleif and assumptions

well to begin with is beleif different from assumption? My frank thot says NO.. coz u can assume a situation only when you beleive in all the factors/ people involved in the situation. If your assumption goes wrong, then it is simple your beleif is wrong. Well now comes the magnifying glass … will you stop beleiving in a person or in yourself becuase the sitation you assumed did not go the exact way you assumed it to go ??? No matter how small or big it is..might be as big as life itself…then you will have to change a thot process beleif a nut shell you have to change yourself…over and again I have tried to reitrate the fact that “CHANGE” should be only adapting to the situation not Changing Oneslf in terms of the core values.. and Beleif is always on the priority list of values wether you say it out or not but when you check with yourself, you will alwayz find it ..why beat around the bush? your Values are your changing your beleif is changing you…Can we take instances here?? making it simpler – You beleive in an Individual immaterial of his/her beleifs. yeh fine if both beleive in the same thing it is a wonder..if both have the same values isnt it idealistic …but what if the values and beleifs change over time not over situations…over situations, understandable..over time i say it is a NO NO..and if it does, then itz a will have to come back to itz original self…why??? ok here is how i support what i say … Person “A” is defined by his values..his definition changes because of external influences ( other people {what you call the society} situation, other people who are considered to be a part of Persaon “A”) yes the change is internal no doubt because it is the disretion of the individual however what made the person change his/her values is external.. so let us get to basic laws of nature here…any object in the state of rest or motion continues to remain so till an external force acts on it ..and once the energy from the external source is transfered completely to the object, no doubt the object has got the energy from the external source (Refering to the person who is a part of our person “A”) but to get into balence it is again transformed and object or our Person “A” is in balance only once all that energy is transfered again and only holds its true self or itz energy only..What does all this mean??? making it simple again – you might change according to situations but you are at peace or balenceed only when you are what you are..nobody can change it..if you changed because of or for someone conciously or without your conciousness, or by yourself one thing is have seen yourself is the time to rethink rethink what you actually are and loose out all the other energies( might look poistive or negetive) and get back to balence and BE YOURSELF…Come on does somebody have to hold you and tell you to be yourself??? be what you are…and now rebuilding your values…beleif should be in those who either know themselves well and because of the everchanging world around, have forgotten and needs to remember who they really are…PLEASE dont try to influence them and tell them who they are..let them realize..because you tell them then you are an external force again…bottom line Beleif and assumption are individualistic and can never change what u beleive when you were born is what you beleive when you die a greener other side..and the best part make sure you assume the greener other have it for sure….beleive in others just the way you beleive in yourself. Respect the other just the way you respect yourself. Love the other just the way you love yourself…but never be the  external influence or force for any of the above from the what you got to do be what you are…you will find the balence..if you are not balenced you know why..if you dont then dig into yourself and understand..

P.S above thots are not structured but just the flow..please read thro and structure it the way you want it is not for all IT IS FOR YOU…and it is for ME to re read when I am not balenced… Thank you all for being factors for me to get into myself…hard at times but helpful thatz what i respect…and best of all letz balence stuff together if you really want to live in a society if not i dont belong here 🙂


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