dont kill the innocence of a child


the sweet innocence in every action of a lil kid (Toddler) is the same innocence in the beauty found in a truthful eye ..just that the other eye looking into it should have the eye to see it. innocence of a kid is so obvious but why not the truth in the eye? why do we all growup to live and grow thro situations? why cant we be what we are n feel what we want to? why? yes a kid gets to be innocent in all situations..n all like it that way but y cant we see the kid in ourselves…do you knw why real love has not been understood? i feel itz coz we all know that mother’s luv  is the purest unconditional love ..but all of us are mothers of a kid inside us whome we need to love unconditionally n the ppl who respect it or help us realize the kid inside us is the dad…now can we look at ait this way …I wanna be unconditional on myself…and not expect anythin n can you not expect anything from me n gimme the mother luv tht the kid inside me wants …coz i dont care about myself i am conditional to myself i cant be the kid i wanna b only coz i am not allowed to by the fathers of the kid who made me realize that ther is a kid inside i know therz a kid n i am left to get unconditional…but …ok a lil confused here to b frank…just need that lap of comfort level where the kid can sleep peacefully with the stroking hand on the forehead puttin him to sleep this should not be done by a grownup..i dont wanna b in a grownup world ..the world of the grownups is a selfish world..the matured grown ups stink with selfishness and glamor n lies n cowardness n what not…i prefer being the kid n bein on the lap of a kid…i dont want respect i want innocence n truthfulness n uncondtional kids with me…yes i often get into fights and thro tantrums well sorry if it affects the grown up world..but i was made to realize i have a kid within..dont kids throw tantrums..? please dont ask me to grow up..i am a kid let me be a kid …lemme die a kid …in the way if u think the kid needs comfort become a kid n put me on your lap…please dont worry that i am not gonna fit into the grownups world the one you call “Society” …look around you also look into u r self…if u killed the kid in you n have grown up..your society stinks ….relegion, cast creed violence inobidience disrespect what not…sit back n think doesnt it stink..if you think it doesnt then congrats 🙂 you are a grown up be happy …i prefer bein the kid n dont care for me coz am not gonna fit into your world n dont ask me to you live in your world n let me live in mine…am happy if you wanna join my world…coz in my world itz the present it is heaven is NOW HERE in your grownup world heven is nowhere you will be searchin …look back the kid inside you has the heaven ….start living in heaven n die everyday to see heaven…that when u start living…live for nothing die for smthing…BUT TO THE WHOLE SOCIETY wich u claim yourself to be plz plz plz “DONT KILL THE INNOCENCE OF THE KID” lemme be lemme be lemme be …call me foolish call me impractical call me anti social call me names i dont mind dont kill the kid in me request you plz..lemme be myself


4 Responses to “dont kill the innocence of a child”

  1. This brings me to an idea:…

  2. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

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