I live for myself!!!

wonder why ..yes might b perfectly right yes I live for myself but does that mean i dont care how others live? does that mean i dont luv any one? well my luv n care for someone is wht i think i live for myself..i find myself in caring n luving ppl who matter to me….well i undesrstand if I live for  myself ppl around me live for themselves too…so if we live for each other then wherz all this goin to ????.i just see how best i can live with others living around me or whome i live for…when i live for nothing i die for smthin…ok end of it all the society n the world is fake n i cant fake in this world i  cant lie ….any one who reads my blog leave me a note…should i not live for nothing? live for nothin is being unconditional…yes i have a comfort in it n i live it ….lemme be well anywayz i hav heard it frm ppl whome i care they have said “I DONT CARE” fine..am ok with it itz hit me hard ….not that all of thm mean the “I DONT CARE” but when it comes to living ppl start caring for themselves only right???? thatz u r maturity thtz u r grownup world thtz maturity n luv for you…why did ppl say “I DONT CARE” coz the situation demanded it so they said that…n now whn situation is different n am still the same I LIVE FOR MYSEFL 🙂 i dont care or not care for ppl based on situations…itz either that i care or i dont…so ppl whome i care for remember i care wether u like it or not …n ppl i dont care for remember i wont care for you wehter you want it or not …thtz how i am thatz the kinov kid i am ….try gettin the kid off the arms of its mother all it would do is cry n make sure itz back in its mothers arms…play around with the kid for a while but it goes back to its mom ….so all you can do is play around with me …but am goin back to my raw self…dont play around with me too much ….dont remote around with my emotions the more you play the more i rebel….am totally raw am unbaked i dont wanan b baked in the bad bad grownups world  i dont wanna lie i dont wanna fake….i am what i am ..if in yiu r grown up world truth is difficult to accept..you knw what is in store for   you only the truth …for me truth is not difficult to accept itz a lie wich i cant accept if i trie to lie i get a guilt n i cant live with a guilt…thtz wher i live for myself…..


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