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reasons expectations life and living

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on May 31, 2010 by agnosticstallion

hi..gettin on typin my thots again…do we need reasons to live the way we want to? is not just bein happy with the way we are good enough?? do we have to have expectations of better days? cant we just live everyday like the day is the last day do everything tht we would do if we were to die that evening..?? we might stop thinking of a tommorow by this doesnt mean that we would get to be irresponsible but i would say we would live and leave each day witha better mindset better thots and best of all we would be more responsible coz we knw we moght not have another chance to sorrect it..and we have the chance that is here and now…with all this why fear why fear death? why fear of future..hmmmm anywayz…i knw this thot has alwayz been in me n i still continue to live that way me a kid again for it but dont kill the innocence of the kid:)

Listen whatz this whole concept of gettin married n stuff??? life partner??? does it really need to be given a name?? or should it involve physicallity…even in the absence of the person you still can be the same…do u think you should change the way if the person is married to you???  come on ppl dnt give ma da broad mind all those stuff…but think n break away frm names n get into thots n soul…seriously i dont think all that is anyday a requirement..infact there might not even be a need to co exist or need for a society if you are mentally strong n decide to be so forever …by forever…it means that for that day coz yet again you can live everyday forevver n finsih the dsay thinking that thatz the finish of everything…or the begining of everything…u knw wht i mean…the hot fav the one i luv LIVE every day as tho u will die that evenening…

k now now now…just flow of thots this one…nxt am gettin into my agnostic thots totally the broader ascpect of thinking thn wht i you or us should think…itz more of wht thinkin will lead to wht kinov a discussion …….cheers for now:)