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Few more truth wich we often fight to accept

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on October 12, 2010 by agnosticstallion

WE are alone here but we are social beings!!!

well even that statement has a “WE” so trying to accept n look for a WE in it and hard to say “I” am alone

where do you think this will take you??? nowhere it is the “I” end of it all…yes go ahead call me blimy call me selfish because again it is a “I”

my thots differ from your stupid society – read thro’

the people whome i call “WE”

readers of this blog must know or just can read thro this

Anywayz…. for me I consider whome i see as WE as a part of ME…all you need to know is how to reverse that W and accept the E of eternity in you

wider the feel of WE all the more better …but i lack lil confidence in ME because i live in your stupid society and am forced time and again and made sure not much WE can be made an inverted W ….but blimy you and your stupid society …take a walk…. ME is standing here …and for me, ME would treat my WE as you treat your “I”..pamper forgive justify or say why any justification….but one instance above all …will make thm a part of you…YOUR society they are no more a part of the reverse W more a part of ME…..and yes yet and over again shout “I DONT CARE” go ahead society say “I DONT CARE” I have my WE with ME I can reverse any W to be M wher will you run to ??? the blimy society wich can only say “I” are you really a part of a society??????? think think think ……….you got to knw what you are and what is in “W””E”……….not your stupid relegion or sensless division….think wide  think at large…but end of it all remember no shoulders to cry coz there are shirts to be laps to sleep coz they want to get up and “MOOVE ON” all you need to do is walk with your head on your shoulder …. and continue reversing the W and become a better ME …k thn dnt go around sayin I am the BEST ME cut it out ….if you knw what you are and wht you are good at all the W’s that you want will reverse for you ….but dont g around saying “I” if you are ready to change yourself from I to “ME” wher ther is a chance of reversing M then really strt calling yourself atleast smthing…other wise you are another nameless part of a shameless it goes in a FAV Kannada song of mine “LIFEU ISHTENE”:)