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Life a lesson

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on August 29, 2011 by agnosticstallion

intentions are never to be questioned or doubted….roots never to be dug up just to chek how deep it is, this can only make the soil around it wk….kite in the sky¬†though bound to the ground with a thin line of control can only let it fly high or let it flow with no direction….careful with the kite…njoi it fly dnt cntrl it less or more….a friend said ther are two worlds on either side of the fine line…true..but the kite is beyond the ground rules of true or false or right or wrong and is in the sky wher eall is one and all is equal…careful if u r trying to cntrl it with the string dnt pull it down to the world of 2 dimensions…the kite is in a dimension beyond the two it is in the 3rd dimension “reality”…at ground level….a tree wich is strongly held by itz roots “values” tries to stand straight reacing high to the 3rd dimension…dont dig to check the length of itz roots and make it fall to the 2dimensions….accept the tree for what it is n let the kite fly u can still control it…