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Life a lesson

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on August 29, 2011 by agnosticstallion

intentions are never to be questioned or doubted….roots never to be dug up just to chek how deep it is, this can only make the soil around it wk….kite in the sky though bound to the ground with a thin line of control can only let it fly high or let it flow with no direction….careful with the kite…njoi it fly dnt cntrl it less or more….a friend said ther are two worlds on either side of the fine line…true..but the kite is beyond the ground rules of true or false or right or wrong and is in the sky wher eall is one and all is equal…careful if u r trying to cntrl it with the string dnt pull it down to the world of 2 dimensions…the kite is in a dimension beyond the two it is in the 3rd dimension “reality”…at ground level….a tree wich is strongly held by itz roots “values” tries to stand straight reacing high to the 3rd dimension…dont dig to check the length of itz roots and make it fall to the 2dimensions….accept the tree for what it is n let the kite fly u can still control it…


thots that were the fuel..found in the archive saved around end of July 2008

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on January 5, 2011 by agnosticstallion

life indeed is a game… games are played with rules..rules are not for people to win or loose but rules are just to define the game…coz rules are always same… the game of life is fun if we play with knowing wht are the rules coz thtz wht defines the game…our lives are our games so we make our rules. Rules that we make is for us need not be for all coz every indvidual has his own game but yes all are playing ona ground so might have to adapt to changes but still dont stop playin with your rules coz then you are not living your life or you are not playing your game…… Play the game of life everyday….think tht itz a game over everynight… play n have fun but live it with the same rules you defined yesterday… rules are only when the game is almost over so think that everyday therz a game over n live with the rules you set for yourself…..

Few more truth wich we often fight to accept

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on October 12, 2010 by agnosticstallion

WE are alone here but we are social beings!!!

well even that statement has a “WE” so trying to accept n look for a WE in it and hard to say “I” am alone

where do you think this will take you??? nowhere it is the “I” end of it all…yes go ahead call me blimy call me selfish because again it is a “I”

my thots differ from your stupid society – read thro’

the people whome i call “WE”

readers of this blog must know or just can read thro this

Anywayz…. for me I consider whome i see as WE as a part of ME…all you need to know is how to reverse that W and accept the E of eternity in you

wider the feel of WE all the more better …but i lack lil confidence in ME because i live in your stupid society and am forced time and again and made sure not much WE can be made an inverted W ….but blimy you and your stupid society …take a walk…. ME is standing here …and for me, ME would treat my WE as you treat your “I”..pamper forgive justify or say why any justification….but one instance above all …will make thm a part of you…YOUR society they are no more a part of the reverse W more a part of ME…..and yes yet and over again shout “I DONT CARE” go ahead society say “I DONT CARE” I have my WE with ME I can reverse any W to be M wher will you run to ??? the blimy society wich can only say “I” are you really a part of a society??????? think think think ……….you got to knw what you are and what is in “W””E”……….not your stupid relegion or sensless division….think wide  think at large…but end of it all remember no shoulders to cry coz there are shirts to be laps to sleep coz they want to get up and “MOOVE ON” all you need to do is walk with your head on your shoulder …. and continue reversing the W and become a better ME …k thn dnt go around sayin I am the BEST ME cut it out ….if you knw what you are and wht you are good at all the W’s that you want will reverse for you ….but dont g around saying “I” if you are ready to change yourself from I to “ME” wher ther is a chance of reversing M then really strt calling yourself atleast smthing…other wise you are another nameless part of a shameless it goes in a FAV Kannada song of mine “LIFEU ISHTENE”:)

selfishness choose yourself as your own prey dont become a prey to anyone – hunt yourself down not others only you can catch yourself

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on August 18, 2010 by agnosticstallion

quite a word huh!!! different kinds beleive me…different kinds…..some ppl feel happiness evn when they are actually gettin hurt n yet call thmselves selfish only coz they feel wht they r doin is for themselves to feel better from the hurt ….life leaves such ppl with no choice….but such ppl live with choices …make their own choice….wich is the reason life has no chance to give thm a choice….welll yes I am tlakin of me who never lets ppl to gimme a choice…but i choose…i choose to be ever selfish….

we almost forgot wht the actual oxford meaning of selfish is “lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure” how close yet so far….:) if u really read thro yes personal pleasure is what all want..think again…wher u r pleasure lies….for the rest of you ….all this is just a lie hahahaha …go ahead right now n close it…for some one who is readin further….or deep inside who is feelin …yeh right!!! enuf of philosphy…beleive me u r guilt of an instance is bothering you m making you say this….just once…just once sit back n think….wht is selfishnes….?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? choose yourself as your own prey dont become the prey to others

reasons expectations life and living

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on May 31, 2010 by agnosticstallion

hi..gettin on typin my thots again…do we need reasons to live the way we want to? is not just bein happy with the way we are good enough?? do we have to have expectations of better days? cant we just live everyday like the day is the last day do everything tht we would do if we were to die that evening..?? we might stop thinking of a tommorow by this doesnt mean that we would get to be irresponsible but i would say we would live and leave each day witha better mindset better thots and best of all we would be more responsible coz we knw we moght not have another chance to sorrect it..and we have the chance that is here and now…with all this why fear why fear death? why fear of future..hmmmm anywayz…i knw this thot has alwayz been in me n i still continue to live that way me a kid again for it but dont kill the innocence of the kid:)

Listen whatz this whole concept of gettin married n stuff??? life partner??? does it really need to be given a name?? or should it involve physicallity…even in the absence of the person you still can be the same…do u think you should change the way if the person is married to you???  come on ppl dnt give ma da broad mind all those stuff…but think n break away frm names n get into thots n soul…seriously i dont think all that is anyday a requirement..infact there might not even be a need to co exist or need for a society if you are mentally strong n decide to be so forever …by forever…it means that for that day coz yet again you can live everyday forevver n finsih the dsay thinking that thatz the finish of everything…or the begining of everything…u knw wht i mean…the hot fav the one i luv LIVE every day as tho u will die that evenening…

k now now now…just flow of thots this one…nxt am gettin into my agnostic thots totally the broader ascpect of thinking thn wht i you or us should think…itz more of wht thinkin will lead to wht kinov a discussion …….cheers for now:)

long silence

Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on April 18, 2010 by agnosticstallion

been too much inside myself for a while now..plannin to get back to my blog again…gimme some sunshine gimme some rain…:) gimme a reason to live again


Posted in Life - a lesson worth sitting thro' on February 10, 2010 by agnosticstallion

As my friend says “can things change so much in a few months??” true it is a big question that i posed to myself aswell…but the world is ever changing..but at a personal level i am against changes posibbaly that is what makes me feel so uncomfortable when changes are forced on me…I am starting to learn that now..but the question is do we have to change as individuals because things around change?? well answer is yes and a no..confused…all goes back to my basics i guess..”REWRITE RULES RETAIN VALUES” . I never react and always try my best to respond insted..but however the rewriting ouccurs in one place i guess if i dont react to certain situations at that instant, i will be in a turmoil till i respond..but in a way i like this moment of turmoil because these are my testing grounds, these times of turmoil are the ones which have to be seen as times of peace. It helps in changing enragement into engagement and reactions into responses…if my first reaction is right from my soul, I am sure that would reflect in my response too…however do you understand the difference between react and respond here???

Well it really doesnt matter how people look at this attitude of mine even the ones totally involved in this or are a part of this period the only reason is i respect individuals for what they are and dont expect or like people changing according to the situation or as they say “go with the flow” kinds when does a rolling stone gather mass?? because it is a stone..however snow on the other hand being soft can make a huge snow ball and gather mass as it rolls even though snow rolls down and might be so soft that it melts at a salt sprinkle or a little sunlight, it never stops to gather mass…

Let us now concider something like people changing (changing values) as things around change…true one can never stop all the changes happening around him/her and might be forced to be a part of the change…but sit back and think again though it is difficult, if you try n make up your mind not to be a part of the change..will it not make you feel better? Yes this might sound like stopping yourself from learning ..but beleive me it is not stopping yourself but it is starting to learn yourself…becuase when you dont go with the change, you are creating a change yourself..undeerstand?? and there is nobody with you where you are now…basically why did the situation change? is it not because people forsee a failure and hence want a change to happen..does that not mean giving up? I strongly feel if you have decided you have to think and stick to your values because you beleive in it …and you ca rewrite rules to retain your values…it is your game and you set the rules..hard rules tough ones hard for yourself to follow sometimes but neve let go of your values never…call me a kid call me a loser call me a philosopher call idealistic all in my favour those are some of the best compliments i get…because people who go with the flow termed as “SOCIETY” see this as antisocial and lies and call me blimy ..and i call the society blimy…nothing ends but there is always a new begining

cheers itz been a while since i wrote on my blog.. I am eagerly waiting for my next update myself 🙂