I live for myself!!!

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wonder why ..yes might b perfectly right yes I live for myself but does that mean i dont care how others live? does that mean i dont luv any one? well my luv n care for someone is wht i think i live for myself..i find myself in caring n luving ppl who matter to me….well i undesrstand if I live for  myself ppl around me live for themselves too…so if we live for each other then wherz all this goin to ????.i just see how best i can live with others living around me or whome i live for…when i live for nothing i die for smthin…ok end of it all the society n the world is fake n i cant fake in this world i  cant lie ….any one who reads my blog leave me a note…should i not live for nothing? live for nothin is being unconditional…yes i have a comfort in it n i live it ….lemme be well anywayz i hav heard it frm ppl whome i care they have said “I DONT CARE” fine..am ok with it itz hit me hard ….not that all of thm mean the “I DONT CARE” but when it comes to living ppl start caring for themselves only right???? thatz u r maturity thtz u r grownup world thtz maturity n luv for you…why did ppl say “I DONT CARE” coz the situation demanded it so they said that…n now whn situation is different n am still the same I LIVE FOR MYSEFL 🙂 i dont care or not care for ppl based on situations…itz either that i care or i dont…so ppl whome i care for remember i care wether u like it or not …n ppl i dont care for remember i wont care for you wehter you want it or not …thtz how i am thatz the kinov kid i am ….try gettin the kid off the arms of its mother all it would do is cry n make sure itz back in its mothers arms…play around with the kid for a while but it goes back to its mom ….so all you can do is play around with me …but am goin back to my raw self…dont play around with me too much ….dont remote around with my emotions the more you play the more i rebel….am totally raw am unbaked i dont wanan b baked in the bad bad grownups world  i dont wanna lie i dont wanna fake….i am what i am ..if in yiu r grown up world truth is difficult to accept..you knw what is in store for   you only the truth …for me truth is not difficult to accept itz a lie wich i cant accept if i trie to lie i get a guilt n i cant live with a guilt…thtz wher i live for myself…..


dont kill the innocence of a child

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the sweet innocence in every action of a lil kid (Toddler) is the same innocence in the beauty found in a truthful eye ..just that the other eye looking into it should have the eye to see it. innocence of a kid is so obvious but why not the truth in the eye? why do we all growup to live and grow thro situations? why cant we be what we are n feel what we want to? why? yes a kid gets to be innocent in all situations..n all like it that way but y cant we see the kid in ourselves…do you knw why real love has not been understood? i feel itz coz we all know that mother’s luv  is the purest unconditional love ..but all of us are mothers of a kid inside us whome we need to love unconditionally n the ppl who respect it or help us realize the kid inside us is the dad…now can we look at ait this way …I wanna be unconditional on myself…and not expect anythin n can you not expect anything from me n gimme the mother luv tht the kid inside me wants …coz i dont care about myself i am conditional to myself i cant be the kid i wanna b only coz i am not allowed to by the fathers of the kid who made me realize that ther is a kid inside me..now i know therz a kid n i am left to get unconditional…but …ok a lil confused here to b frank…just need that lap of comfort level where the kid can sleep peacefully with the stroking hand on the forehead puttin him to sleep this should not be done by a grownup..i dont wanna b in a grownup world ..the world of the grownups is a selfish world..the matured grown ups stink with selfishness and glamor n lies n cowardness n what not…i prefer being the kid n bein on the lap of a kid…i dont want respect i want innocence n truthfulness n uncondtional kids with me…yes i often get into fights and thro tantrums well sorry if it affects the grown up world..but i was made to realize i have a kid within..dont kids throw tantrums..? please dont ask me to grow up..i am a kid let me be a kid …lemme die a kid …in the way if u think the kid needs comfort become a kid n put me on your lap…please dont worry that i am not gonna fit into the grownups world the one you call “Society” …look around you also look into u r self…if u killed the kid in you n have grown up..your society stinks ….relegion, cast creed violence inobidience disrespect what not…sit back n think doesnt it stink..if you think it doesnt then congrats 🙂 you are a grown up be happy …i prefer bein the kid n dont care for me coz am not gonna fit into your world n dont ask me to you live in your world n let me live in mine…am happy if you wanna join my world…coz in my world itz the present it is heaven is NOW HERE in your grownup world heven is nowhere you will be searchin …look back the kid inside you has the heaven ….start living in heaven n die everyday to see heaven…that when u start living…live for nothing die for smthing…BUT TO THE WHOLE SOCIETY wich u claim yourself to be plz plz plz “DONT KILL THE INNOCENCE OF THE KID” lemme be lemme be lemme be …call me foolish call me impractical call me anti social call me names i dont mind dont kill the kid in me request you plz..lemme be myself

Beleif and assumptions

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well to begin with is beleif different from assumption? My frank thot says NO.. coz u can assume a situation only when you beleive in all the factors/ people involved in the situation. If your assumption goes wrong, then it is simple your beleif is wrong. Well now comes the magnifying glass … will you stop beleiving in a person or in yourself becuase the sitation you assumed did not go the exact way you assumed it to go ??? No matter how small or big it is..might be as big as life itself…then you will have to change a thot process beleif system..in a nut shell you have to change yourself…over and again I have tried to reitrate the fact that “CHANGE” should be only adapting to the situation not Changing Oneslf in terms of the core values.. and Beleif is always on the priority list of values wether you say it out or not but when you check with yourself, you will alwayz find it ..why beat around the bush? your Values are your beleifs..so changing your beleif is changing you…Can we take instances here?? making it simpler – You beleive in an Individual immaterial of his/her beleifs. yeh fine if both beleive in the same thing it is a wonder..if both have the same values isnt it idealistic …but what if the values and beleifs change over time not over situations…over situations, understandable..over time i say it is a NO NO..and if it does, then itz a circle..it will have to come back to itz original self…why??? ok here is how i support what i say … Person “A” is defined by his values..his definition changes because of external influences ( other people {what you call the society} situation, other people who are considered to be a part of Persaon “A”) yes the change is internal no doubt because it is the disretion of the individual however what made the person change his/her values is external.. so let us get to basic laws of nature here…any object in the state of rest or motion continues to remain so till an external force acts on it ..and once the energy from the external source is transfered completely to the object, no doubt the object has got the energy from the external source (Refering to the person who is a part of our person “A”) but to get into balence it is again transformed and object or our Person “A” is in balance only once all that energy is transfered again and only holds its true self or itz energy only..What does all this mean??? making it simple again – you might change according to situations but you are at peace or balenceed only when you are what you are..nobody can change it..if you changed because of or for someone conciously or without your conciousness, or by yourself one thing is clear..you have seen yourself changing..now is the time to rethink rethink what you actually are and loose out all the other energies( might look poistive or negetive) and get back to balence and BE YOURSELF…Come on does somebody have to hold you and tell you to be yourself??? be what you are…and now rebuilding your values…beleif should be in those who either know themselves well and because of the everchanging world around, have forgotten and needs to remember who they really are…PLEASE dont try to influence them and tell them who they are..let them realize..because you tell them then you are an external force again…bottom line Beleif and assumption are individualistic and can never change what u beleive when you were born is what you beleive when you die a greener other side..and the best part make sure you assume the greener other side..you have it for sure….beleive in others just the way you beleive in yourself. Respect the other just the way you respect yourself. Love the other just the way you love yourself…but never be the  external influence or force for any of the above from the other..do what you got to do be what you are…you will find the balence..if you are not balenced you know why..if you dont then dig into yourself and understand..

P.S above thots are not structured but just the flow..please read thro and structure it the way you want it ..it is not for all IT IS FOR YOU…and it is for ME to re read when I am not balenced… Thank you all for being factors for me to get into myself…hard at times but helpful thatz what i respect…and best of all letz balence stuff together if you really want to live in a society if not i dont belong here 🙂

Practicality, reality n thinking..subconcious…

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Well therz a strong reason behind me writing this blog…specially this post…..it has a mix of all the previous posts…thro this post i think whtz comin out is smthin deep n infact quite close to me…wouldnt b wrong if i say itz a prospective of thinkin…or itz da subconcious…well you know tht values have to be held and rules have to be re-written …change is constant in life…but not changing values is wht it is…i know i repeat this many times…but well…hmmm anywayz now comin to wht itz all about…dont u think tht if u posses smthin pretty close n u kinov know itz only yourself or itz inside you kindz…it would alwayz be within you…and dont really have to let it go coz if itz inside you itz you or itz your value…itz your soul kindz…so retain it…but rewrite the rules…and u knw whtazz the best part …itz tht u have to rewrite these rules to retain it 🙂 now dont u think changes are required…hmm as i see this…not sure if this thot gains a mutual respect and am not worrying of the outcome…but the best part of it is …i am rewriting my rules mself for a strong reason…coz this rewriting of rules is required not for “ME” but for the soul inside…coz i wanna make sure that………………………….hmmm well letz not put it in wordz…no reader gets to know this 🙂  too personal to reveal i guess…anywayz..some of you might’ve figured out a lil ….now…i knw whtz happiness for me…but am not trying to be not happy ….but..just wanna make sure that………………. well again smthin too personal…..and also these unrevealed thots of mine remain unrevelaed coz they are influencing ones..n over n above that..bein frank…i wouldnt wanna reveal it coz itz too judgmental n am sure there can be different views…but itz smthin where i dont want any views from any one….might sound rough on it…but beleive me itz a soulfull rewriting of rules. 🙂 dont know how far these wordz of this agnostic stallion makes meaning to the reader..but well if the reader reads it might be a cpl of times..it would …it would make a lot of sense…. if itz read as agnostic stallions’ philosophy…hmmm then we would have to read thro’ it together… 🙂 take care

life as a game….

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life indeed is a game…
games are played with rules..rules are not for people to win or loose
but rules are just to define the game…coz rules are always same…

the game of life is fun if we play with knowing wht are the rules
coz thtz wht defines the game…our lives are our games so we make our rules.
Rules that we make is for us ….need not be for all coz every indvidual has his own game

but yes all are playing on a ground so might have to adapt to changes but still
dont stop playin with your rules if u stop or change your rules, then you are not living your life
or you are not playing your game……then you endup tellin smone is tryin to control your life…might go upto the level of God or fate or luck…you say God is controlling my life….you say itz luck ..itz al my fate…dont do that God, luck and fate are not things you havev to start blaming…itz you who did not define your rules…did God set rules to you..did fate say i will rule you? did luck say i will stay with you?? itz you who has to do it….

Play the game of life everyday….think tht itz a game over everynight…
play n have fun but live it with the same rules you defined yesterday…
rules are only when the game is almost over so think that everyday
therz a game over n live with the rules you set for yourself…..


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hmmm no liners on this…ppl are possesive about ppl …smtimes bein possesive can kinov take the freedom of the other person…however if we are possesive n let the person be herself/himself…u still feel possesive..but this possesiveness is termed as …love..wher u love the person or relate to the person for wht they are and not for what they can b ….wht happens here is simple…u still are possesive …but u r possisve of the person who is himself/herself..n if u see tht person tryin not to be himself/herself u start gettin possesive…this is a kinov feel wich makes u feel kinov go pull tht person evn in the middle of the street holding handz..pullin into u r arms…lock thm into u r arms hold thm the closest you can n tell thm just b wht u are…be with me forever ….itz not abt dont change..but itz about be yourself…coz in such a person you know itz not a change that you would ever see…but itz smthin related to bein surfacially smthin else…you can feel the deepest thots…but their surfacial thots start confusin your surfacial thots…n you endup talkin surfacial talks…but the deepest thots n talks…they happen…coz ther therz a different possesiveness..therz itz not holdin it as yours itz yourself..ther there is no seperation ther itz you inside you…ther itz smthin like you know…the true self respect ..ther it is the gr8 ego of the soul..thtz the self respect at soul level….just like self respect at mind level and surface thot level would result in an ego wich is termed so and not really helpful to anyone..n make the person think against the deep thots….howeever self respect at the deep level at soul level is also ego same name…might not be seen by others might be seen in any form by others..but this ego is the healthy one like the self confidence one….so EGO n possesiveness….how closely they are interlinked…and how easily misunderstood.n how easily can be surfacial n deep …n smtimes..ppl look at the surfacial ego or possesiveness n feel thtz the deep one n sm ppl who see the deep one think itz da surfacial one….sm pl dont know whtz surfacial n watz deep ..sm ppl dont bother sm ppl sit think draw lines of thots on it….but overall….possesive n ego …dont go by words dont go by menaing that u think it might hold…both deep and surface ones..go ahed go ahed think think n check watz what….persuit of truth..you find the truth ..you will hold on to it like to a cliff or hang into itz snooze..you will fear nothin …all you will know is the truth….the truth my truth..:)

Happiness – a gentle touch from the hands of love

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  • Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.
  • Ther is an “I” in happIness and not a Y
  • Happiness can be of 2 types…good n whatz not good but u still are happy about it….fine line again b/w both

Happiness is no perception…but u r perception can lead to happiness…coz happiness is real!!! by u r perception u  can loose it or build it ….or dont have any perception that will create another level of hapiness .. thatz by not askin “Y” n changing happiness…be happy n then u get happ”I”ness… k now when sm1 asks you to define happiness eht would you say ??? i know we can define moments when we felt it..but tht feelin is not wordly or not worldly..itz extacy….hmmm anywayz…but for me happiness is in smallest of smallest things..a hello frm the heart of the heart that you care for, as.a kid on the road…a smile from a begger  whoz given smthin without him/her askin… a kid playin in water … a swt lil kid bein carried by itz mom n the stare it gives when you stare at it…the rain sprinkle on the face..every small thing…however big tihngs also make me happy …but for me i dont know what more happy or less happy? how can we be more happy and less happy thn when itz happiness either we r lieing abt it..coz all things should make you happy…n happy is happy ..no happier or happiest…just happy…it is the same feel tht anythin u feel happy abt should giv u …a hearty laugh is short lived or on some one ….but a smile can be frozen…if you realize…evn a person whoz dead can hav a smile frozen on him….but not a laugh…so the happiness thtz permenent is in a smile….happiness is a gentle touch from the hands of love